LogKit 2.2.0 includes a few minor feature additions to the family of File Endpoints.

A new API has been exposed for accessing a File Endpoint’s directoryURL and currentURL properties. The directoryURL is the URL of the directory in which the Endpoint’s log files are stored. The currentURL is the URL of the specific file to which the Endpoint is currently writing. These properties are available in all File Endpoints, including LXFileEndpoint, LXRotatingFileEndpoint, and LXDatedFileEndpoint.

Additionally, new notifications have been added to File Endpoints that change files. Before and after changing log files, the Endpoint will post a notification to the default notification center. Notifications will include URLs to the previous, current, and next log file, as appropriate. Both LXRotatingFileEndpoint and LXDatedFileEndpoint will emit these notifications.

All changes made in this release are backward-compatible and require no action for developers not using the new features.

The release notes can be found here.