LogKit supports a variety of Log Entry Priority Levels, as defined in the LXPriorityLevel enumeration. The supported Levels are:

Level Priority Suggested Use
All   Special value that includes all Levels
Debug Low Programmer debugging
Info   Programmer informational
Notice   General notice
Warning   An event that may affect user experience, if not corrected, has occurred
Error   An event that will definitely affect user experience has occurred
Critical High An event that may crash the application has occurred
None   Special value that excludes all Levels

When using a Logger, the Priority Level for each Log Entry will be determined by the Logger method called to create the Entry. Each of a Logger’s Endpoints may individually define a minimum accepted Priority Level, and thus some Log Entries may be excluded from reaching specific Endpoints.

The Levels All and None are special values for including and excluding all other Levels, respectively. All and None are not available as Logger methods.